Bringing you holistic healing with a Magick touch

As a natural-born witch, I learned the ways of my Cajun and Creole ancestors. Throughout my life, I have mastered many different spiritual forms of magick. In my community, I practice as a medicine woman, herbalist, reiki master, and spiritual advisor. My main joy in life is teaching others to harness their own power to manifest their desires. I can now bring this empowerment to you, through the products in my shop.
Each item has been fully charged and blessed on my Archangel dedicated altar. It’s simply waiting for you to use your power to place intention and manifest your wish.
Blessings~ Tara
Disclaimer: Etsy requires all sellers to note that no product sold promises “phenomena or outcome attributed to a listing”. Although my products are handcrafted under the strict techniques passed down from my ancestors and spiritual guides, I can in no way guarantee or assure a specific outcome. I supply the tools, to be used as aids in spiritual healing, you supply the magick. Products are intended for entertainment and educational purposes curio. Never substitute for medical, psychiatric or legal advice.

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